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Negligent Security

All business owners have a duty to take reasonable measures to minimize criminal behavior that may lead to your injury on property they own or control. These measures may include providing working locks, security bars and systems. Property trained and supervised security staff, and manned video surveillance and intercom systems. If a crime occurs on the property due to an inn keeper, landlord, office building, or other place where a shopper or invitee may be, and you are the victim of crime, such a failure to provide adequate security entitle you to compensation. 

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t Our Experience to Work for You

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Lopes Injury Law provides results for victims of assaults and other crimes. With our emphasis on both criminal and personal injury law, we are particularly positioned to effectively handle such cases. Attorney Lopes will work hard and diligently to obtain a favorable outcome for you.  We have represented victims in cases involving:

  • Assaults in hotels, office buildings, and other locations

  • Missing improperly operation security devices

  • Assaults committed by security guards

  • Injuries caused by aggressive bouncers and nightclub staff

  • Inadequate lighting

  • All types of property owner negligence

If you or loved one have been attacked or injured as a result of inadequate security, contact Lopes Injury Law to schedule a case evaluation. Attorney Lopes will work one-on-one with you. Providing you the quality representation you deserve. We don't collect a fee until we win.  

Call Lopes Injury Law today at (404) 589-9000 for a confidential case evaluation.

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