Case Results

$1,600,000.00 – Client vs. Local Department Store

Our client was working at the cash register, and her friend came in to buy some clothes, coming through her line. The friend decided not to make her purchase and left. Unbeknownst to our client, her friend was shop lifting. The store manager caught the shop lifter, and both our client and the shoplifter were arrested. Following a dismissal or our client’s criminal case suit was filed in Fulton County, and a jury returned its verdict in this false arrest and malicious prosecution case.

$767,000.00 – P.F. vs. Local Hotel Chain

Client rented a room, but unbeknownst to him there had been 20+ prior violent incidents involving prior hotel guests. The hotel had failed to take appropriate security measures, and our client was assaulted, suffering personal injury, he was robbed and his car was stolen. Suit was filed in DeKalb County, and a jury returned its verdict in this negligent security case.

$400,000.00 – T.K. vs. Local Apartment Complex

Client came home after work to her apartment complex, which unbeknownst to her had 50+ prior violent incidents involving tenants over the past three (3) years. The complex failed to take appropriate security measures, and our client was raped, suffering psychological and physical trauma. Suit was filed in Fulton County, and the matter settled.

$275,000.00 – Client vs. Local Area Mall

The mall placed a vending machine and a trash can in the middle of the hall near an exit. Fluid was dropped by the trash can in the hall. As our client was in the hall way and exiting the mall, she did not see the liquid and slipped and fell, suffering injury. She incurred $50,000.00+ in medical expenses. Suit was filed in Cobb County and this matter resolved in mediation.

$30,000.00 – Child vs. Local Area Daycare

Client attended an after school program and fell off a pole he was dangling on when the playground monitor stepped away to attend to other children. Our client broke his wrist, incurring $5,000.00 in medical bills. A demand package was sent to the Daycare’s risk management department and the matter settled without suit.

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